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"Mkisa" expands almond and blueberry orchards and starts using digital technologies in horticulture

"Mkisa" company is expanding its almond and blueberry orchards. Company representatives spoke to about this. According to them, simultaneously, introduction of digital technologies in garden care and management continues actively.

"During 2022, we planted an additional 30 hectares of almonds on the territory of Bolnisi, therefore a total of 40 hectares have already been planted. Also in Western Georgia, in Khobi and Tskaltubo, land is being prepared for planting blueberry seedlings. The cuttings, the irrigation system, the infrastructure of the area are already ready and we are waiting for the season to actively start planting our blueberry seedlings.

"Mkisa" introduces digital technologies in the field of Georgian agriculture. With the help of our automatic irrigation system and weather station, we also measure rainfall, wind speed, plant condition and other important data. Now we have introduced a special application, with the help of which we can find out about expected diseases or pests in advance and take preventive measures."


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