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"We are negotiating with several European distribution companies" - interview with BM.GE

"Mkisa", which owns almond orchards in Bolnisi and "blueberry" plantations in Khobi, will receive its first harvest in 2023.

As the Executive Director of "Mkisa" Gigi Gachechiladze told, in 2023, 30% of the full harvest, about 6 tons of almond hearts, will be received from the almond orchards. As for blueberries, according to the company's director, next year they expect a harvest of up to 10 tons.

"We planted a super-intensive almond orchard on 10 hectares in Bolnisi in 2021. In 2023, we will have the first harvest, it will be only 30% of the total harvest and will reach 6 tons. In 2023, we will get the first harvest of blueberries. Since some of the seedlings are relatively small, we expect a small harvest initially. Up to 200-300 grams per seedling, which means a total of 10 tons of blueberries on 20 hectares", - Gigi Gachechiladze notes.

The director of "Mkisa" also talks about sales markets. According to him, the company plans to export the product, for which they are already conducting negotiations.

"Almonds are a highly demanded product. For example, the demand in the European market is growing up to 5% annually. Europe has many demands, which are difficult to fulfill, so we also focus on the Persian Gulf countries. We want to operate in the local market as well, so we are doing research to identify specific demand, based on that we will decide what part we will sell in the local market.

In terms of demand, Europe also leads in the case of blueberries. However, transportation is a problem here. Shipping by air is expensive, and product can be damaged during ground shipping. We have already sent blueberries to Denmark and Luxembourg for testing. There is a chance that blueberries will be distributed to France, Belgium and Germany via Luxembourg. We are already negotiating with a large distribution company in Denmark. The company owns a chain of supermarkets in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany,"- he says.

"Mkisa" was able to develop its business with the support of "Bank of Georgia". The investment provided by the bank was used for the cultivation of both almond orchards and blueberry plantations. The director of the company also says that "Bank of Georgia" is the main partner of "Mkisa".

"The process of cooperation with "Bank of Georgia" is interesting. They are constantly involved in our activities and have become our partners during this period",- explains Gigi Gachechiladze.


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