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An outstanding representative of the field of agriculture - "Mkisa" agronomist

Agriculture is one of the most important fields for Georgia, in this regard we would like to introduce you to a new, but already quite successful and important member - "Mkisa". Executive Director of "Mkisa" Gigi Gachechiladze, spoke to "Tbilisi Times" about it.

First, introduce us – what is "Mkisa"?

"Mkisa" is a very smart, hardworking and purposeful agronomist, it is a new member in the field of agriculture with quite different concepts and approaches. It has very big plans and is successfully handling all of this step by step.

How long has "Mkisa" been operating in the field of agriculture and what does your activity include?

"Mkisa" has not even been in the field of agriculture for a year, but, as I mentioned, it is doing quite successfully. The orchards of "Mkisa" include: 100 ha land in Bolnisi, where 10 hectares of almond orchards were planted in 2021, and 30 hectares will be added this year. It also owns 30 ha land in Khobi, where 20 ha of land are already being actively cultivated for blueberries. We also plan to grow blueberries in Tskaltubo in November, where we will take over 20 ha from the 35 ha of land of Mkisa. There are big plans ahead and I am sure that our team will definitely achieve the set goals.

In your opinion, what is the foundation of Mkisas success ?

First of all, a qualified team and modern technologies. "Mkisa" is one of the first in Georgia, which introduces the use of technologies in the field of agriculture. One of these is our own weather station, with the help of which we get a lot of important information. For example: wind speed and direction of movement, information about precipitation and humidity, and other information. We trust numbers and reliable data, so we take care of our orchard accordingly.

What are your future plans?

The plans are very big, in addition to expanding our almond and blueberry orchards, we try to make interesting information available for the population as well and share our experiences, our Facebook page serves this purpose. In addition, we are planning many interesting projects that we will share with you very soon.


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